You don’t need to fix up your home to sell it!

No need to roof it, paint it or repair it.

Unfortunately, people will spend a lot of hard earned money updating their home in hopes that they can get more money for it when they sell, which  forces them to list the home for  a higher price and eliminating a large portion of potential buyers who are not in that higher price market. The buyers who do qualify for the higher price range,  may also  look elsewhere, because  the colors, quality or workmanship is not to their liking

The best thing to do is - to do nothing! Let the buyers do it all!

The Renovation Mortgage will give the buyers  the money to purchase the property and  complete any renovation work they may want to do.  The biggest benefit is you, as the seller, did not have to spend every weekend and tons of money remodeling a house you are about to sell.